Our aim is just to Volunteer and tackle problem areas of litter and weeding within Southborough and High Brooms and lately Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge too.


We also maintain Community flower beds and tubs for the Southborough and High Brooms shopkeepers. Any of you that need help with litter picking specific areas please do make a group post so that we can Volunteer to help you.


For areas that are beyond our control and capabilities, we can do our best to help steer you towards the correct Authorities .


If you wish to organise a group event we can loan you equipment. If you wish to become a regular litter picker we can organise equipment for you also.


Just to say we are a community group not politically affiliated to any party, however to achieve our aims we have sought the support of Councillors for advice permission and practical help.


Please volunteer if you see any events advertised or post any areas which need some attention.

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